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Serving the Children of the World
Club News
Here is all the news for the club.

Great Meeting This Morning - 04/06/2017
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We had 2 wonderful presentations this morning. First we heard from Teen Parent Connection Representative Ariana Carlson. It id so wonderful how they are empowering young parents. Then we heard about what is happening at the Outreach House, Walk In Ministry, and First Things First. Both organization are doing a great job serving those in need in our community.

Our Village is doig well! - 03/21/2017
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Recently, William Heniff, the Director of the Village of Lombard's Community Development Department was our guest speaker.  Wow. great things are happening in our town.  There are new business opening and new housing complexes scheduled in the next year.  We also have added bike lanes and green space.  Way to go Lombard! 

White Elephant Surprise - 03/19/2017
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Every club has its own culture.  One of our "unique" traits is our White Elephant Raffle.  We do it at the end of each meeting as a way of having folks "donate" to our administrative budget.  Participants receive a raffle ticket and the winner claims the current gift and then is required to bring one for the next meeting. These funds help support meals for guest speakers, sunshine gifts and cards, and a variety of other non-service related items.  

A few weeks ago our acting president Carole Webber  was the person designated to bring the next item.  She asks us about why it was called a while elephant.  We explained that the term...